Clever Kelpies


Bellaine sheep are performance-tested and data is used as a strong component of our selection process.

The traits we directly measure and score are listed below.

Data from all sheep is used to produce Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV), which allow you to directly compare the genetic merit of Bellaine sheep to hundreds of thousands of Merinos nationally.

You can directly view our Sheep Genetics sale catalogue here: Bellaine 2021 Sale Ram ASBVs.

or ASBVs on any of our sheep can be viewed live in the MERINOSELECT section of the Sheep Genetics website:

Once there you can either enter a 16 digit sheep ID (see below) into the ID box, or else select the Advanced search option, then type Bellaine into the stud box and choose your other search options before clicking search.

Example of a Bellaine 16-digit number: 5050452005050134

50=Merino; 5045=Bellaine stud number; 2005=year of birth; 050134=6 digit tag starting with short year of birth

What we directly measure or score

At birth:

  • Date of birth
  • Pedigree (both sire and dam)
  • Birth weight
  • Lambing ease
  • Birth status (single, twin, triplet)
  • Rearing status (raised as single, twin, triplet)
  • Skin wrinkle
  • Birth coat
  • Pigmentation
  • Other abnormalities

At marking:

  • Breech wrinkle score (using Visual Sheep Scores guide)
  • Breech cover score (using Visual Sheep Scores guide)
  • Other abnormalities

At this stage male lambs that are excessively wrinkled, very hairy, pigmented or have had other problems are castrated. Female lambs with similar issues are identified for later culling.

At weaning

  • Body weight

At shearing (10 months)

  • mid side sample taken for
    • Fibre diameter (plus SD, CV, curvature)
    • Yield
    • Staple strength
    • Staple length
  • Greasy fleece weight (excluding bellies)
  • Wool pigmentation (if not seen previously)

At ram selection (12-15 months)

  • Body weight
  • Visual classing using the Visual Scores Guide

Bellaine Merino Stud - Performance tested - Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV)