Clever Kelpies


Bellaine Merino Stud was established near Dalby in Queensland in 1996 under the original name of Kalina Merri Merino Stud.

Our 129 foundation ewes were purchased as aged ewes from Merrignee Merino Stud (Charlie and Pip Merriman), and had been in the group transferred from Merryville Stud when Merrignee was established. We also purchased Merrignee's 1996 lead sale stud ram to use over these ewes, Merrignee 94 Red 140, purchased at Goulburn Ram Sale in 1996.

In 2003 we moved close to Guyra, NSW, bringing the sheep with us. Both Dalby and Guyra are summer-rainfall locations with significant pressure from both blowflies and worms (specifically, barber's pole worm). Our focus has been on performance under these conditions.

Most subsequent rams have been used via semen, with most semen sires being older proven rams. Only a handful of live rams have been brought in over the years to minimise the risk of introduction of disease and parasites; no ewes or wethers have been brought in.

Semen sires with good objective performance results have been chosen from Superior Sires or MERINOSELECT.

Bellaine Merino Stud Established in 1996