Clever Kelpies


To ensure low risk of disease, we do not introduce any ewes or wethers and have had very limited introductions of rams since 1998. Primarily, semen is used to introduce outside genetics.
SheepMAP MN3 status.
Certificate No.: NS15094
No footrot.
Ovine Brucellosis
Accredited Brucellosis free.
Certificate No. CW 06/34
Bellaine flock average is better for worm resistance than the average of the other superfine flocks in MERINOSELECT.
Free from lice. No treatments have been applied during the life of the stud.
High resistance to fleece rot and flystrike.
Only rams' polls and marking wounds (rings) receive preventative treatment.
Other stud sheep are not jetted or backlined.
Mulesing was gradually phased out over the 3 markings: 2005, 2006 and 2007, with no sheep mulesed (or clipped) since.
We score for breech wrinkle and breech cover at marking and this data is submitted to Sheep Genetics and is also used in our selection decisions.
Clostridial diseases (Tetanus, Enterotoxaemia, Blackleg, Black disease, Malignant Oedema / Swelled Head in rams)
All sheep are vaccinated with 6-in-1 vaccine.
Caseous Lymphadenitis (Cheesy gland)
All sheep are vaccinated with 6-in-1 vaccine.

Bellaine Merino Stud - Health - Low risk of disease - mainly semen is used to introduce outside genetics